3 Distinct Video Projects

This summer we had the pleasure of working with GCAAR, a local realtor association, on three very different projects.

Prior to partnering up with these guys, we had done a ton of work with national associations in Washington DC, but had never worked with a client like GCAAR. GCAAR is unique in that its local membership includes members from both Maryland (Montgomery County, to be specific) and DC.

The first video we created for them focuses on membership benefits, and functions as an orientation for GCAAR’s newest members. This video blew away any brochure or orientation PowerPoint presentation that GCAAR had used for that purpose in the past.


The next video documents the efforts of GCAAR’s philanthropic organization, GCAAR Cares. For this video, we interviewed several individuals whose organizations had received generous GCAAR Cares donations in previous years. This video required chromakeying and a very quick turnaround time.

For their third project, we recorded GCAAR’s annual Realtor Fest event, which took place in July. The footage will be divided into two videos—one being a highlight reel that we recently completed. The other is a promo video that will be unveiled at GCAAR’s anniversary party in October.

GCAAR gave us three different projects to work with, and in the process provided us with a unique learning experience.

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Posted on September 8, 2015 in Convention Video, Conventions, Shoot Recaps

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