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Who is Woge Media?

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We're a close-knit collective of story tellers and brand builders. We specialize in corporate video production and creative development.

A Fresh, Modern Approach

The journey begins with meticulous, hands-on planning and visualization. We help corporate clients determine the most effective ways to bring their ideas to life, through impactful script writing, message strengthening and storyboarding. Then, it's time to start filming.

Corporate Experience

Corporate video production has been our specialty for years, and it shows. Clients appreciate our industry knowledge, attention to detail, and quick editing turn-arounds. Our team is always on call, and always in the cutting room. Our work ethic is driven by a thoughtful passion for filmmaking.

Competitive Rates

We take pride in our ability to provide high quality live-action video production services, custom-made illustrations, motion graphics and more for affordable rates, without sacrificing any quality. We maximize value for corporate clients without breaking the bank. 


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"We launched a new series of three minute videos to help people understand who we are. Woge Media helped us brand and integrate them into our website. They are truly a full service shop."

-David Jeffers 

 Executive VP, Policy & Public Affairs

 Council of Federal Home Loan Banks

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