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Meet The Team

Matt Molinaro- headshot -2edit copy.jpg

Matt Molinaro

Partner/Client Relations

Matt is a results-driven entrepreneurial leader with extensive experience as a director, producer, client relations liaison and project manager


He works with clients to ensure that projects are cost effective, delivered on time, and built to produce results that exceed expectations.

Matt's interests include pickling, and the movie Roadhouse. 


Will Trebach

Partner/Creative Director

Will is ambitious and precise as a filmmaker, animator and creative director.


He works with the most cutting edge technology, and embraces a tireless work ethic. Will is known for quick turnarounds and producing exceptional work in the cutting room.


Will spends his free time eating large portions of raw fish, and spoiling his beloved dog, Spaghetti. 

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Rob Myers


Rob has a talent for creating bold new designs and illustrations for videos and websites, and a penchant for composing unique storyboards.


He’s also experienced in all facets of web development—from designing entire sites to developing the architecture to overseeing programming.


Rob is a big hockey guy. 

Bold, Effective Video Production

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