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Professionally produced company culture videos are considered a best practice for HR departments in today’s business world. If your department hasn’t given the medium a shot yet, you’re already behind.

To job seekers and new employees alike, company culture videos are significantly more engaging than newsletters or manuals, because watching a video naturally feels like less of a chore. People will also appreciate the extra time you’ve put into creating it.

What can company culture videos accomplish?

Attract Talent

Maybe you’re looking to land talented new employees, and isn’t cutting it. Jobseekers who are weighing their options are eager for a visual preview of the people they’d be working with and the day-to-day work, and are thereby more likely to absorb your message if it’s in video form. You can use your video to attract talent in a number of ways–post it onto job boards, recruitment marketing campaigns, company-hosted web pages, etc. Here’s an example of a piece we produced with this goal in mind for Walker & Dunlop:

Welcome New Employees

Who doesn’t appreciate a proper welcoming? Our client, Emergent BioSolutions, recently made a large acquisition, and decided that an orientation video would help welcome new employees and bridge the culture gap in a personable, positive manner. This resulted in a more unified staff and served as a huge morale boost.

Differentiate Yourself

Videos show the world what makes your company’s culture different.  Your video should showcase your unique philosophy. This appeals not only to your employees, but also your clients and stakeholders.

What should I include in the video?

Intro’s to Upper Management

Introduce employees or prospective employees to your executives, and give them a sincere greeting from the top down.

A Friendly Tone

Remain professional, but be hospitable and keep it on the light side. If you hire voiceover talent, look for a warm, compassionate voice & tone.

Authentic Testimonials

Feature authentic, unscripted testimonial soundbites from your employee base, from upper management, all the way down to some of the younger employees who started working there recently. If these employees are initially nervous on camera, remind them that they are the experts, and only the best pieces will be included in the final video(s).

Visual Preview

If you have a large campus and you’re welcoming new employees, provide plenty of visuals and include shots of the different sections, ideally in a way that gives them an understanding of the layout. Seeing what they’re getting into before they arrive can make that first day feel less daunting.

Day to Day

Give the viewer a feel for what the work day is really like. This could be included in the form of soundbites from the employee testimonials section, accompanied by office b-roll. In some cases it will help to include shots from offsite events, or anywhere outside of the office. It’s ok to mention the company perks, but don’t make that the focal point of the video. People are here to work after all.

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