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We built a full-fledged video studio for our client!

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

We just finished building a gorgeous video studio at an unused room in our client's office building. Their goal was to have a studio that staff + members could easily use to film themselves, when needed.

We had a blast turning an empty, forgotten room into a beautiful, functional studio.

Before we were able to assemble any of the equipment we had picked out for the studio, this project required construction, re-carpeting, a paint job, and electrical work (a video studio needs plenty of outlets!).

Here are some photos of the "before and after", along with the in-between.

Here's the "before." We removed all of these shelves and cabinets. We also upgraded the paint and carpeting.
Here's what the room looked like after our handy work.

New toys have arrived.

The equipment is mostly unpacked. Making progress!

Installing sound deadening wall panels.

The classic On Air sign.

Podcasting studio!

The final product in action!

The "final product" features sound deadening wall panels, new outlets, multiple backdrops to choose from, several light kits, audio, camera, and even a podcast recording booth! We positioned the camera and other equipment so that everything is in a perfect position for future use.

This was an incredibly fun project for us, and our client is very happy.

If you need any kind of video production assistance, please contact us today at 301-219-6749, or

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