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Updated: Oct 11, 2018

Ted Talk videos are not a new phenomenon.

They’re as popular as ever, and continue to serve as an effective platform for encouraging new ways of living or thinking. People enjoy the style associated with Ted Talks—the dark neutral background, the energy of a live crowd, the straight-forward but powerful messages.

Executives of publicly traded companies deliver Ted-style talks for all kinds of reasons. They can be used to unveil new plans to stakeholders, or to promote company-wide philosophies, or simply to inspire people.

We recently had the opportunity to shoot a Ted-style talk at the Round House Theater in Bethesda, MD for our client, Walker & Dunlop.

The shoot required three videographers, one still photographer (per the client’s request), and the assistance of the kind AV/lighting professionals at the Roundhouse Theater.

In order to truly capture the energy of this talk, we had one shooter record the speaker from the upper balcony, while another shot him from the lower level. Our third videographer played an important role by moving around the theater with a gimbal-mounted camera, spending the majority of his time right next to the front of the stage to gather unique vantage points of the crowd and their reactions.

This proved to be an effective strategy, as the end-result turned out quite well:

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