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We're Busy!

Here's what we've been up to lately

From time to time, people will ask us to clarify what we do—are we shooters, editors, or animators? The answer has always been ‘all the above.’ But, things have become slightly more nuanced since the coronavirus outbreak.

Our clients have utilized us in a variety of ways since the pandemic started. We always strive to find creative solutions to make their projects work. Comfort levels vary from client to client, and we work with each one on an individual basis to help them determine the best way to bring their ideas to fruition, while staying safe.

Here are some different ways clients have put us to work during the time of social distancing:

Animation, as always, is an impactful tool.

We created a few short variations of logo animations for Boston Boosters’ website, and social media.

We worked with Red Clay Creative to make a visually captivating animation branding piece.

Editing Zoom recordings, or existing footage. This has become far more common recently.

We took recorded class footage from Zoom, and transformed it into into a sleek promotional piece for the International Center for Language Studies' online English classes.

We took footage from Distance Education for Africa’s physical classrooms, edited it, and turned that into a powerful fundraising video.

And some clients have had us film the old fashioned way—in person, while strictly following safe social distancing protocols.

We produced a product promo video for Smart Jars.

We're also in the process of creating a series of educational video lectures for Cambridge Family Enterprise Group.

And, we're currently working on an office tour video for a client in the commercial real estate industry (final cut coming soon!).

Work has really picked up for us since early July, and we’re grateful for that. Please contact us if you’d like to learn more.

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